About ScanIQ

Welcome to ScanIQ, home of the most efficient way of sending paper-based documents from vehicles or remote locations to any email, fax or FTP server. For the past 5 years technicians and programmers at ScanIQ have dedicated hours of time to make life on the road easier, safer and more productive.

With our trade-marked 'Once' technology our scanners can transmit up to 20 sheets of paper with a single push of a button. Documents such as Timesheets, Work Orders, Trip and Mileage Reports, Offers to Lease, Mortgage Approvals or other important info can be sent... quickly, brilliantly and securely.

A web-based customer portal controls where the documents go, the location of the vehicle and many other reports that give companies a competitive edge while reducing administrative cost. Other important features now include the ability to print documents to drivers, Real-Time tracking, Dispatch and Messaging. Many companies across many different industries are benefitting from our easy-to-use device that will increase back-office efficiencies many times over.

ScanIQIntelligently Moving Forward.

ScanIQ's Advantage

  • Increase cash flow – get paid faster.
  • Ability to replenish stock as the technicians use the parts.
  • Better utilization of day time staff.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction with immediate
    proof-of-delivery info.
  • Increase back-office efficiency and productivity.
  • Catch errors in paperwork as they happen while fresh in
    everyone's mind.
  • Reduce overtime.
  • Eliminate truck stop visits.
  • Increase driver convenience, driver satisfaction and quality of life.
  • Increase driver retention and recruitment incentive.

Our History

In 2005, while managing field technicians at a computer company, Arno Franchi realized there was a significant delay in the time it took to invoice clients. With the service call completed and the customer’s signature on the work order for approval, all that was needed was the invoice to be generated.

But covering a large area in southeastern Ontario meant technicians would not return to the office for 3-4 days or longer. To replenish parts and supplies needed, technicians would often go to the suppliers and get the appropriate parts. This often became a paperwork nightmare with incorrect purchase orders and administrative bottlenecks. There had to be an easier and a more efficient way of completing these tasks.

One day we decided to give a technician a notebook with internet connection and a portable hand held scanner. For the following month, we monitored the technician and found that without question the ability of having his paperwork back to accounting expedited all processes of back-office procedures. Invoicing was immediate and daytime staff was able to complete all the duties required by the technician on a daily basis. Receivables reduced for that technician and noticed that more through put increased as well. Number of calls increased and the administrative headaches were reduced dramatically. Paperwork was correct and replenishing of parts was quick and accurate.

It was evident that from a paperwork and back-office efficiencies that the scanner was a hit. The paperwork was sent quickly and the quality was excellent however the process of sending the documents from the technicians point was cumbersome. We needed the technician to buy into the process and make it a part of their daily routine - it became imperative they use it.

With that, we began to build our first prototypes and developed the software that has become integral in the success of the RoadRunner. It was important for us as a company to make it as easy as possible for technicians to transmit documents.

With huge amounts of code and much development work, the RoadRunner was born with its patented ”Once” technology – allowing users to load the document 'Once', press the button, 'Once', and then go onto the next call.

Things that were important in the making of the scanner

Ease of Use

It had to be easy to use for technicians to get engaged and use the device every day!


The mobile environment and hours in the field require equipment that can take the punishment.


We wanted the ability to move the unit from technician to technician and from one vehicle to another.


Had to be a quick & easy hook-up to the vehicle – No dismantling dashboards and added money to get the unit working – installation costs are Zero!


The unit is pre-installed with remote support software that allows for tech support from anywhere there is internet access.


ScanIQ is a big proponent of maintaining the privacy of individuals and corporations. We subscribe to many government agencies to maintain the high level of standards that our customers require.

Security breach continues to be a top priority at ScanIQ.