In-Cab Printing

Mobile Document Printing Solutions

ScanIQ makes life on the road complete. The addition of mobile printers to its line of scanners are part of the ultimate mobile office, allowing you to print anywhere on demand.

The RoadRunner line of scanners once again breaks through the time barrier by enabling its customers to print documents quickly, conveniently and with the quality of 300DPI. Mobile printers are ideal for business travelers who may need to revise documents for sharing with clients while traveling. Mobile printers are also well suited for anyone who works in the field and requires to print documents, such as contracts, receipts, new service calls, oversize or overweight load permits, cleared customs invoices or ACE / ACI eManifests.

Portable printers also allow hard-copies of information to be produced in environments where this has typically not been possible. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the ability of a portable printer to improve upon a business process: faster feedback, more up-to-date information, better-quality reporting, faster turnaround on deliverables.

With Service Based Businesses ROI is immediate. Field service operations in industry sectors like HVAC, appliance repair, equipment repair, IT services and fuel oil and gas system maintenance have traditionally relied on a multi-step process — dispatching a workforce from a central location with the paperwork they need. Now, with ScanIQ's 'field service printing' all new service calls can be sent by the company dispatch department directly to the vehicle. No need for technicians to complete multi-part forms, the documents arrive to the printer complete and legible.

User-Friendly Printer

  • Minimum 'cost per page' - no ink required.
  • Built-in paper feed roller - easy to print.
  • Impeccable 300dpi printing quality.
  • Works in sub-zero temperatures - no ink to freeze.
  • Full 10-year guarantee on retention of ink - meets and exceeds all government requirements.


  • Receive orders & other necessary paperwork
  • Receive ACE & ACI eManifests from your brokers, dispatch or service provider
  • Print Oversize or Overweight load permits immediately
  • Reduce off route hours looking for places to print; reduce truck stop usage
  • Ability to send print jobs directly from your dispatch program or ERP System

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