Real Time Tracking

GARMIN + RoadRunner™ – Now you can monitor your vehicles in real time


Gives the most convenient route to a determinate location to the driver, turn by turn, and provides a local map to the dispatcher in real time with the last reported location for every vehicle.


Communicate instantly with your drivers by sending urgent messages or specific instructions. Use canned messages for quick communication or use the qwerty keyboard for more detailed instructions. All dialogue is captured on the dispatch console for easy tracking or for audit purposes

Driver Dial-out

A recent addition to the Garmin interface is the ability of the mobile driver to transmit documents by fax or email to a destination other than the pre-determined location. The driver follows the Garmin prompts, scans the documents and transmits the to the fax or email they have chosen. As well the document is sent to the initial destination that has been pre-set in the console. This is used for proof of delivery and for audit purposes.


GPS based management solution that improves dispatch efficiency by monitoring the routes of the vehicles and the documents scanned with the RoadRunner.

Garmin + RoadRunner


  • dezl 760LMT Series
  • dezl 560 Series
  • nuvi 2xx5 Series
  • nuvi 24xx Series
  • nuvi 23xx Series
  • nuvi 22xx Series
  • nuvi 14xx Series
  • nuvi 13xx Series
  • nuvi 12xx Series
  • nuvi 465T
Discontinued by Garmin
but supported by RoadRunner
  • nuvi 2x5 Series
  • nuvi 5xx Series
  • nuvi 700 Series
  • nuvi 7x5 Series
  • nuvi 800 Series
  • nuvi 5000 Series
  • nuvi 600 Series
  • nuvi 300 Series

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